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19 Sep Well, It Feels Dry To Me!?

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Well, It Feels Dry To Me!?

I here this about 10 times a month: “Well, it feels dry to me!?” You know what, It feels dry to me too! When a property or structure is flooded, the first layers of building material to dry or feel dry are the outer layers. Even without our specialty drying equipment, the surface will start to feel dry sometimes in under 24 hours. So, if it feels dry, is it dry?

Unfortunately, having something feel dry to the touch is only the start. In order for a property to be “dry”, the building materials must be dry from the surface and all the way through. For instance, the wallboard may feel dry on the surface, but is soaking wet on the inside of the wall and if not dried properly has a high probability of becoming a moldy mess. In order to make sure something is “dry” it will need to be checked with professional grade moisture meters. The moisture meters from Homedepot are a step in the right direction, but a thermal camera and GE meter are best for making sure your property is dry. If you want to make sure something is dry, don’t hesitate to give us call!