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Beat the Heat

11 Jul Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat!

Summer is in full swing here in Southern California, and while we generally have a pretty mild climate, temperatures can still climb higher than we’d like.  On those hot days it becomes tempting to run the air conditioning, fans, and other appliances at full blast.  This can sometimes lead to malfunctions, power outages, and other problems.  Don’t let the fear of issues in your home keep you from staying cool!  Here are some foolproof ways to stay comfortable in the heat:

  1. Cover windows that receive direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day.  High quality blinds or curtains will go a long way in keeping the temperature down.
  2. Don’t use your oven.  Now is the time to experiment!  Prepare meals that don’t require much cooking time, or even better, take advantage of that outdoor grill.
  3. Line dry your clothes.  Running the dryer constantly can put stress on the appliance and your electric bill, all while heating your home.
  4. Turn off, unplug.  Power down the appliances that are rarely used.
  5. Open windows.  If you live in an area that cools down at night, turn off the AC and let the night breeze sweep through your home.
  6. Properly seal doors and windows.  The air conditioner doesn’t do much good if all the cold air is escaping to the outside!
  7. Change your sheets.  Make sure your bedding is cotton, or another breathable fabric.  While you’re at it, switch out that heavy duvet for something lighter!
  8. Turn off the lights.  Unnecessary heat radiating from above?  No thank you.  Bonus: Make sure all your light bulbs are LED – they use less energy and produce much less heat.
  9. Bump up the thermostat.  Contrary to what you may think, turning the thermostat lower will not keep your house cooler – it just puts unnecessary stress on your AC unit.
  10. Strategic outings.  When you go out, plan to visit places that have air conditioning, such as the mall or movie theater.


Being conscious about your energy consumption during these summer months will reduce the risk of overloading your appliances, and causing damage to your home.  Try a few of these tips and see how much you can save!


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