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Exploring Buena Park, CA

Buena Park, CA is known to be the home to many famous tourist attractions, its schools have an excellent reputation, the community maintains the city streets spotless, and the many community programs make this city a phenomenal place to live in. With its 84 000 residents, Buena Park is definitely one of the better places to live in the wider LA metropolitan area. 

If you plan to move to this lovely city or just planning a visit you can count on being entertained and content with your choice. 

Streets of Buena Park, CA

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A brief history of Buena park, CA

Buena Park was founded in the late 19th century – 1887 to be precise. Its name is a reflection of the Spanish and English settler influences – as the site was originally known as Plaza Buena and was later changed to Buena Park. Once the founder of the city opened and merchandise store and helped fund the local church, more and more settlers started arriving at the site. This was greatly aided by the incoming railway from the eastern US.

Already by 1889 the first factory was opened, making Buena Park the first city to have a factory inside of Orange County. The city was officially incorporated as a city in 1953.

Buena Park History
Knott's Scary Farm, Buena Park

Things To do In Buena Park

Buena Park is home to several tourist attractions and is quite close to some of the state’s biggest attractions like Disneyland.

The most famous destination within Buena Park itself is Knott’s Berry Farm. A 160-acre theme park that brings in visitors from all over the US. You can enjoy four separate themed areas: Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, The Boardwalk, and Camp Snoopy. There are various adrenalin-pumping attractions to be found here – including the west coast’s tallest, longest, and fastest wooden roller-coaster ride. Alongside Knott’s Berry Farm you can also find Knott’s Soak City – a wonderful water park that is bound to bring refreshment and entertainment on a hot Californian day.

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