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07 Jun Home Flooded on Beach Road

Home Flooded on Beach Road

It was 4:15am when then call came through from dispatch.  I smiled the sleep from my eyes as I get excited to help a new customer out.  I have been doing this for over 7 years and I am still pumped on fixing an emergency flood in the middle of the night.  I reviewed the situation with the property manager.  The supply line to the kitchen sink on the second floor of the 4,000 sf home burst while everyone was asleep.  Imagine a hose turned on full blast and running inside the property for 4 hours straight.  The broken line caused the entire first and second floor to flood with water raining from the ceiling.

We were able to be on site in less than hour to analyze the flooded property and plan our attack.  Matt extracted all of the water until all flooring was dry to the touch.  While the water was being extracted, Mark mapped out the moisture with the thermal imaging camera.  We then installed 7 high capacity dehumidifiers and 63 low amp air movers.  Because of the large pull from the electrical system, we hooked up additional power sources to supply enough juice to run all of the equipment efficiently.

We continued to monitor the drying process over the next few days.  With our new high tech equipment and process, we were able to dry out almost the entire property without demolition save for a few select areas.

Calling KADE Restoration quickly to handle a water damage or flood situation can save you thousands and the headache of a property that is torn apart by another restoration company.  In KADE of Water Damage, Call Now!