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Kade Restoration Is Your Local Water Damage Restoration Company in Orange County

Welcome to KADE Restoration


We are an emergency disaster restoration service provider. We provide the best service and most value to our customers in their time of need. We take pride in the work we do and making sure you, the client, are cared for. Call today to see how we can be of service to you. We offer water damage restoration, flood damage cleanup, water damage repair, flood restoration, mold remediation, mold inspection, sewage cleanup, leak detection, smoke cleanup, emergency structural repairs, and 24 hour emergency response.

We Are Approved to Work With Your Insurance Company

We Are Approved to Work With Your Insurance Company

Chances are we are working with your insurance company on multiple claims right now for other customers. We are approved to work with your insurance company for water damage restoration, sewage cleanup, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services. Learn more about insurance claims process.

Flood Damage Repair

We have completed flood damage restoration on over 2 millions square of buildings all over Southern California and Orange County.

Flood damage can happen from a large storm flooding the outside and consequently the water flows inside. Other times the flood comes from the buildings own plumbing supply. We have also handled floods where the sewer system at the City level is backed up and in turn this floods the homes with sewage. Whatever problem you are facing, KADE Restoration can help you with your flood damage repair. In some cases you don't even know you are in need of flood damage repair. For example, we have handled flood damage repair problems like slab leaks where the plumbing has sprung a leak under the home and the owner did not it was leaking until months later. Other slow leaking issues we have come across are small pinhole pipe leaks in areas where the drywall or other visible building materials are experiencing water damage. In these cases, it is great that we were on the properties for another emergency plumbing need and we were able to locate the water damage with our thermal imaging cameras.

What To Do if Your House is Flooded?

If your house is flooded, the situation is extremely stressful and there is no time to waste. Water Damage can also lead to mold growth and cause major health and safety issues, if taken care of at the right time, water damage restoration will prevent you from big losses.

  • Noticed signs of water damage? Take an action and call an expert right away Taking care of a flooded house is not something you can do yourself without expertise. Call water damage restoration company in Orange County to get help from local experts. The emergency restoration contractors from Kade Restoration evaluate the extent of the damage and decide on the best procedure that will bring your property back to life.
  • No matter where the flooding has occurred - don’t let the water get stagnant If the water is not drained out, it could result in molding and bacterial growth leading to health problems in the future. Mold Inspection procedure is highly recommended to avoid any serious mold exposure problems, severe allergies and other risks.
  • Let the water restoration experts dry out drenched items and walls If you think you will be able to dry out the carpet and curtains simply by hanging them out in the sun, you are wrong. The process of restoration requires the professional equipment and knowledge. Consult Kade Restoration first before you decide to proceed.
  • Be extremely careful with electrical wires and appliances Avoid touching exposed wires or appliances when/if cleaning up the water damaged areas yourself. Call Kade Restoration experts first and stay safe.


“I had a slab leak in my hallway that emerged from the secondary bathroom. Called Kade to come out because I had no idea where it was coming from, just that the carpet in the hallway was soaked. They came right out and located the issue. They dealt with the insurance company, got all the pipes replaced and re did the secondary bathroom. It turned out great. They showed up when they said they would and everyone that came through my door was professional and courteous and knew what they were doing. I always refer them because I know they are reliable and know their business.”

-Lisa G.


“Recently I flooded my laundry room when the water line had not been connected. I rushed in to see water spewing and quickly turned it off. Unfortunately, the water had left its mark and a 2 inch flood engulfed my laundry room. I had had a girlfriend tell me about a company that had helped her with a similar problem and called Kade Restoration. I was impressed at how quickly they were able to come over to clean up the problem. It was under 20 minutes. Eduardo (one of their workers) was very polite and polished and quickly went to work clearing out my belongings in there and setting up the drying equipment. We were able to save the floors and baseboards, and I’m so glad!”

-Chelsea S.


“Having water all over the place is not a fun thing. Dealing with your homeowners insurance company is also a headache. I have seen 3 other estimate before going with Kade. They got the job done and I was able to get some money back from my insurance company. Great company. These guys helped me out a lot when the other companies said it was impossible. Be sure they are the first on your list to call with any problems.”

-Cali O.


“I know that Kade Restoration stands for excellent customer service and quality work because I personally know Kirk, who heads up the outfit. You need someone you can trust to do the job using quality materials and a respectful crew that will get the job done in a timely manner. This is your team! They are hard-working and smart-working. Conscientiousness is their hallmark. When it comes to your property, at work, or in your own precious home, trust Kade to handle it all so you can stop worrying and get back to living again”

-Grant P.


“Kade was an amazing company to work with. My husband and I are really happy with the quality of their service from beginning to end. We were so overwhelmed at first not knowing how to deal with a house flood. Kirk was extremely helpful in walking us through the process and ensuring we were comfortable with how to resolve the repairs quickly and efficiently. The quality of the work was better than expected and what started as a stressful experience ended with the silver lining of a kitchen and living room better than before the flood! We couldn’t be more happy with Kade and highly recommend them to anyone needing help with home repair.”

-Kirsti A.