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DIY: All Natural Mold Removal

Photo by: Sergiu Bacioiu DIY: All Natural Mold Removal Do you have a tough time keeping your home free of mold and other filth?  Are you concerned about the types of chemicals you are using to clean those problem surfaces?  Here are three easy cleaning solutions you...

symptoms of mold exposure
Symptoms Related to Mold Exposure

Photo by: L F Symptoms Related to Mold Exposure Have you ever felt a little under the weather and weren't really sure why?  Just because you're not feeling your best doesn't automatically mean you have a cold.  Exposure to mold and mold spores can mimic cold symptoms,...

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DIY: How to Remove Mold

Photo by Simy James How to Remove Mold Mold removal can be relatively easy, or a long, painstaking process, depending on the type and breadth of the mold involved. To determine whether or not the removal can be done at home or by a professional, consider the following: How...