(949) 366-3330

(949) 366-3330

(949) 366-3330

Orange County Certified Sewage Clean Up and Decontamination Company

Highly Trained Water Sewage Removal Technicians

Highly Trained Water Sewage Removal Technicians

We are the best team in Southern California to handle your sewage cleanup. When sewage is leaking or spills onto, into, or under homes or offices, the affected area must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to reduce the risk of disease, sickness, and infection.  Our trained technicians and emergency response vehicles are fully equipped with the required protective equipment and state of the art machines to safely remove the sewage. Call now and we will be your property in under 60 minutes to clean up the mess.
We Are Approved to Work With Your Insurance Company

We Are Approved to Work With Your Insurance Company

Chances are we are working with your insurance company on multiple claims right now for other customers. We have our own proprietary software that documents and tracks the damage to your property for your insurance claim. The Mold Mitigation Reporting Software coupled with our reputation in the insurance industry make us the best company to work with you and help you with your claim. Whether you have a cracked sewer line flooding underneath the structure or a sewage back up that has flooded the interior of your property, our crew can have your property cleaned and sanitized efficiently.

Safe and Affective Sewage Clean Up

Safe and Affective Sewage Clean Up

While we are on site removing the over black water, sewage back up, or sewage flooded crawl space you can relax. We contain all contaminated areas with negative airpressure. Outside of the containment and inside, we use hospital grade air filtration to clean the air along with high powered hypoallergenic cleaning solutions to decontaminate the structure. With our HEPA filtration and expert containments, the property air quality is actually cleaner than before we arrived! Rest assured, your home or office will be safe and clean under our professional care.

Sewage Clean Up

If you have a toilet overflow or sewage back up you need us fast. KADE Restoration is the sewage removal company you can trust to handle your sewage flood. With commercial sewage removal services conveniently located in your neighborhood we can be on site in under 60 minutes or less.

Local Sewage Cleanup Professionals

Our professional sewage cleanup technicians are masters at crawling under homes and offices repairing cracked sewer lines and cleaning up the mess with great efficiency and safety for your health. KADE Restoration can locate your sewage leak, repair it, and treat all contaminated soil and building materials. Many clients call us because they first notice a sewage smell coming from their home or office. With our infrared cameras, we are able to verify where the sewage leak exactly is. At KADE Restoration we are available 24 hours a day with emergency service to care of your sewage backup problems.


  • Call now to have our team dispatched to begin sewage cleanup immediately for your health and safety.
  • Do not attempt to remove items as sewage contains harmful contaminates and proper personal protective equipment should be worn to protect yourself.
  • All potentially sewer contaminated food items, cosmetics, stuffed animals, paper, and soft goods should be discarded.
  • If mattresses, pillows, foam rubber items, upholstered couches, chairs, books, and most paper products should generally be discarded because they soak up contamination.
  • Open interior closets, cabinet doors, and windows to allow air circulation.

Southern California Sewage Decontamination

In Southern California we have older buildings and tough soil conditions. The older buildings cast iron sewer lines crack and collapse. When the sewer line fails, back ups, and overflows occur. Also, due to soil movement, lines are cracked, become offset, and not longer drain to the city sewar main as they should. Another cause of sewage back up are roots from planst and trees.
Most of the time we receive emergency sewage clean up calls from apartments, homes, offices, and condominiums in the morning when occupants wake up and all start using the plumbing at once. The damaged sewage system is easily overloaded and the unlucky occupants on the first floor have sewage spilling out of the toilets, sinks, and showers onto the floors.
Not to worry. We have specialty equipment to extract the sewage and dispose of contaminated items. When sewage damage occurs it is important to avoid contamination as much as possible. Sewage and its fumes can be very toxic or harmful if contacted. Category 3 water or “black water” is dangerous and should be handled with care. This includes sewage, flood or river water, water mixed with pesticides or other toxic chemicals, petroleum, or normal water that has remained in a structure for a longer period of time. Please be safe, use common sense, and call now so we can help you with your sewage clean up.


We have dried out over 3 million square feet of residential and commercial buildings for our customers. We have over 60 years of sewage clean up experience.

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“Kade stepped in to help mitigate a major sewage backup/flood issue for the City of San Clemente that could have been a real disaster without their help.  The were professional and proved to be resourceful when it counted.  They worked with the City’s insurance and had our residents homes decontaminated and clean quickly.  I would highly recommend them again and again!”

-Mayor of San ClementeSan Clemente, CA

“Jared Bledsoe, the project manager for Kade Restoration, came to our house as soon as we called him ! We had a bathroom flood as well as a flood in our laundry room! We had an amazing experience with him and his team! They were professional, polite, always on time and very competent. Jared has a great team who took care of everything and it was a smooth as possible, seamless actually! He helped us navigate through the home insurance process. Jared’s team did such a thorough  job of accessing the problems and tackling them head on right away! The great news is that we never had to worry about what they were doing, how long it would take, and how much it would be! Jared and his team never lacked in communicating the issues, and more importantly finding resolution to it all!”

-Lysa K.

“Kade Restoration is awesome. My houseguest woke up Monday am to find raw sewage pouring out of my downstairs toilet. One phone call and Kirk from Kade was there within minutes and immediately called for back up. 5 houses were damaged, 3 severally. Many Kade employees helped me and my neighbors untangle and wade through the mess. My highest thanks to Jose who ran things at my house. He worked with many others doing all the packing of my personal items, removing furniture, kitchen items, couches, lamps, carpeting, rugs, and everything from the entire downstairs of my home. The bed in the bedroom was piled high with the stuff they saved, and they worked hard all day long to get the contaminated and destroyed items out and to the dump truck. They took pictures, labeled things, and documented the damage all while wearing masks and knee high wading boots. The smell was horrible. Dealing with raw sewage is disgusting work, but thanks to Jose, Mark, Mike, Dutch, Richie, Alae (sp?), Connor and Adrian I am in great shape today. Alae even went the extra mile helping me load food that was saved. I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful team on my side!  They are detailed, efficient, did the necessary testing before cutting into the drywall, met with several insurance adjusters as well as city representatives, and have the necessary experience to handle the worst type of water damage imaginable. When emergency’s happen you want someone like Kade to hold your hand and take care of things. I would highly recommend them to anyone with ANY type of water damage needs.”

-Renee T.

“Kade Restoration is top notch for sewage clean up.  The techs are reliable, friendly, and highly skilled.  The girls in the office are always friendly and helpful.  The customer service is paramount!!”

-Michael S.

“We are a sizable residential rehab contractor.  We called Kade in to mitigate a massive sewer leakage problem that had been going on for years under the house and unknown to the new property owners.  Kade’s team got there the next day and took care of the problem.  Their workers were professional and polite and their prices were very competitive.  We will use Kade on all of our projects.”

-Larry W.