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Smoke and soot are one result of a fire-related disaster. The acidic and pervasive nature of smoke makes it a complicated and labor-intensive type of damage to clean, and without the proper equipment, you may be ineffective at removing the smoke damage. Soot is also deceptively difficult to clean without causing further damage, so when your property has smoke and soot damage, it is best to call up your local smoke and soot cleaning company for help.


At KADE Restoration, we offer professional smoke and soot cleaning services. We are able to work with any level of smoke damage and will work to clean and deodorize your property without causing any further damage.

Smoke Damage Restoration

The Dangers of Smoke Damage

Smoke is made up of millions of tiny burnt particulates from whatever materials were burned during the fire. This smoke is then carried by the hot air of the fire to areas far beyond the reach of the fire. It may travel through your ducting to every square foot of space in your home or business property. Because of this, the impact of smoke damage can be far more expansive and cause damage to far more materials than just the fire alone. Some of the materials and systems that are in danger of smoke damage include:

Clothing & Linens

HVAC & Ducting



Windows & Mirrors

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Types of Smoke Damage

Smoke is really just a result of burned materials, so the types of smoke damage are dependent on the materials involved in the fire. 

  • Fires that burn mainly organic materials like paper or wood, natural fiber upholstery, etc, will create a dry smoke with powdery ash that is among the simplest to clean and deodorize.
  • When plastics or synthetic materials are burned, we consider this wet smoke which is considerably smellier and is accompanied by sticky, difficult to clean soot, and potentially odors that are impossible to remove.

The Smoke Damage Removal & Cleanup Process

When you call KADE, we will respond to your smoke damage concerns by sending a certified smoke damage technician to your property to inspect the damage. From this inspection, we will quickly write up a restoration plan with accurate costs and timelines.
Once we have agreed on a cleanup plan, our team of technicians will get started addressing the soot and smoke damage. Cleaning up any soot before any smearing or spreading occurs, then wiping down any mirrors and glass that could etch from prolonged smoke exposure.

If the smoke damage was the result of a fire, then there may be a certain amount of irreparably damaged materials that will need to be removed before we can move forward with the rest of the cleanup and restoration process.

Smoke damage deodorization is a task that requires specialized equipment like ozone generators which can neutralize and remove any stubborn odors without causing any damage to your property.
Once the smoke and soot damage has been completely cleaned and deodorized, your property will potentially still need repairs or more comprehensive restoration. if this is the case, at KADE Restoration we offer comprehensive fire damage restoration services.

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smoke deodorizing

Smoke Odor Removal and Smoke Deodorization

It may appear that smoke can be cleaned with relative ease, but depending on the nature of the fire and the materials burned, this can be a task that should be left to professionals as there is a significant risk that using the wrong techniques  or cleaning products would lead to worsening the damage. Even when the smoke and soot are dry and easy to remove, completely deodorizing your property while not causing any further damage can be practically impossible without proper equipment.


As a licensed smoke damage cleanup company, KADE pairs world-class technicians with the best equipment in the industry, ensuring that your home or business is cleaned of any smoke damage and any lingering odors are removed safely.

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