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Shrimp Causes Big Damage Flooding Emerald Bay Home

25 Apr Shrimp Causes Big Damage Flooding Emerald Bay Home

Shrimp Causes Big Damage Flooding Emerald Bay Home

At 12:30am in the morning we received the call from the property manager of a large estate in Emerald Bay.  I quickly jumped out of bed and ran into the closet, like I usually do, to talk with the customer.  Haha!  I do this not because I receive better reception in there, but so my amazing wife doesn’t get woken up by the late night flood calls I receive.

Earlier in evening, the owner of the beautiful property was enjoying shrimp for a bedtime snack.  He doesn’t necessarily enjoy the smell of the shrimp, so upon completion of the meal he wrapped the remaining shells in a large wad of paper towels and flushed them down the toilet.  This wad was a little larger than a softball and was not able to make it into the sewer line and clogged the toilet.  Normally this would not cause a major problem but the flush valve on the tank didn’t close so the toilet kept providing water.  While the owner went to bed, his second story bathroom off of the kitchen, stairs, downstairs entry, and entertainment room were flooded in about one of water with the ceiling drywall acting as a storm cloud and raining down more water onto the contents.  Luckily the noise of the raining ceiling woke the dog up which then woke the owner up.

When I arrived on site I met with the site manager and we got to work right away.  We moved all of the contents into the garage.  I then mapped out all of the moisture and set up hospital grade HEPA air filtration devices.  Due to the cause of the flood, I requested the water quality be tested before cutting into the drywall and blowing the dust around.  We extracted and vacuumed up all of the water until the floor was dry to the touch even though it was still reading 100% wet.  After working all night, we finished up getting the property to start the drying process around 9am.

We received the water quality test results a few days later.  The water on the second floor was considered unsanitary and could cause death or serious illness if consumed by humans, or what we call category 3.  The downstairs however came back as category 1 or clean water.  This was great news and the entire downstairs flooded wood floor we were able to dry in place with our specialty wood floor drying equipment.  On top of that, the ceiling, walls, and baseboard were all able to be dried in place and confirmed dry within the walls with hammer probing and small surgical inspection holes.  This was a major win for the owner of the property and the manager since they had a very high deductible on their insurance policy.

All in all, this was a great job.  We were on site in the middle of the night in less than an hour.  Protected the customer with proper testing and saved the entire downstairs from demolition with amazing drying skills.  In KADE of Water Damage, Call Now!