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04 Apr Kitchen Flood Fixed Fast!

Kitchen Flood Fixed Fast!

It was early Friday morning when a San Clemente mom ran into a major problem.  While going through the morning routine of making sure her family was fed, as well as starting a few things for dinner, her kitchen was a mess and it was time to do the dishes.  Much to her dismay, in the middle of the washing, water began streaming out of the cabinet beneath the sink, quickly causing a small flood in the kitchen.

She called KADE right away to come and assess the damage.  Within 30 minutes a KADE representative was on the scene.  After a quick look at the sink and pipes it was determined that the cause of the flood was a loose screw on the sink faucet, easily fixed.  Unfortunately, the damage had been done, with water soaking into the particle board beneath the sink and onto the floor below.

KADE immediately set up an industrial dehydrator to remove all moisture from the area, and to hopefully save the cabinet from needing to be replaced.  After leaving the dehydrator running for a few days, the bottom of the cabinet was completely dry and good as new.

“Because of KADE’s excellent response time and wonderful customer service, I avoided a costly and intrusive repair.  Thanks KADE!”  -Sara, San Clemente CA