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Areas You May Overlook When Checking For Water Damage

06 Jun Areas You May Overlook When Checking For Water Damage

Water Damaged Areas You May Overlook

Have you ever come across that one small space in your home that gets overlooked time, and time again, only to find that it is in severe need of cleaning or care? Small nooks and crannies are easy to bypass when cleaning and inspecting your home.  Some of these spaces can be particularly problematic if longterm water damage is involved.  When cleaning and maintaining your home don’t forget to check in the following areas:

  • Underneath sinks – The cabinets directly below sinks are prime places for drips and leaks.  If these areas are not regularly inspected and cleaned, you may not notice leaking water for weeks or even months.
  • Behind washing machines – The connection from your washing machine to your hookups in your home is a hard to reach place, but should not be overlooked when doing regular maintenance.
  • Underneath dishwashers – Sometimes leaks are not large enough to spill out where you can see them.
  • Drywall – A slow leak inside your wall can sometimes take awhile to show. Make sure all pipes are properly cared for.


To preven long term leaks make sure all plumbing is properly maintained, and all areas where water runs regularly are cleaned and inspected.  Should you find an area that has been leaking, call KADE to prevent further damage.