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28 Jan Solar City Takes Care Of Their Flooded Customers

Solar City Takes Care Of Their Flooded Customers

When a screw from the newly installed solar panels hit the flashing underneath the asphalt shingles, this creating a perfect little entrance for water if it ever rained…. sure enough, with the El Nino rains hitting southern California, of course not as much as we all expected, it caused the home to flood in one bedroom and into the garage.  Thankfully the customer had Solar City to rely on in this type of an emergency.  Solar City quickly takes care of their customers with amazing efficiency and care and made the call to KADE Restoration to clean up the flood and put the home back together fast and clean.

The customer, a fireman, was so impressed with the quick response, professionalism, and cleanliness of the project.  It is so fun helping people get their homes and offices put back together and making them smile with our team and hard work.

I always enjoy working with those who have the same level of high customer service as we strive for at KADE.  Nordstrom’s is known for their amazing customer service.  I don’t think I know a female who doesn’t just love that store.  When asked why, the main driving point is the customer service.  When you buy something there and it doesn’t work or fit correctly, they have hassle free returns with a smile.  Nordstrom’s does an amazing job taking care of the customer when their products do not perform as they should earning them the loyalty of millions of customers.  In the solar power industry, Solar City is doing the same.

If you need an emergency restoration company to take care of your customers, look no further than KADE Restoration.  We will extend your amazing service to fixing problems with a smile!