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10 Feb Sewage Cleanup In South Orange County Apartment

Sewage Cleanup In South Orange County Apartment

Late that night when the property manager called frantic, she was surprised when I answered the phone cheerfully. It was 11:15 pm when we received the call.  The cause of the loss was a backed up sewer line in the laundry room of a three story apartment building.  The sewage had flooded the 20′ x 20′ laundry room and also the exterior stairs leading down to the laundry and flooding sewage onto the apartment grounds.  The exterior cleanup needed to happen quickly to get rid of the smell, the hazard, and contamination.

Rather than waking the troops, who just had a really long day, I decided to tackle this one myself.  I arrived on the scene within 30 minutes of receiving the call.  There was…lots of sewage all over the exterior stairs and running into the exterior lawn.  I quickly got to work treating all of the areas with a plant based antimicrobial treatment that is also hypoallergenic.  This is a great product we use when it is in a public area.  The smell from the sewage quickly went away after the treatment.

After treating the sewage I vacuumed up all of the standing liquid in our special wet/dry vac.  The place immediately looked much better than when I arrived.  After the removal of all liquid, I treated the area again with the plant based antimicrobial treatment and scrubbed the surface with a rough bristle broom and scrub brushes.  Then a quick rinse with the hose and the sewage was all cleaned up and the exterior stairs and grounds were cleaner than they had ever been.

There is something very rewarding about getting a frantic phone call and solving the problem quickly and cleanly for the customer.  The entire job from start to finish took on site work of about an hour with offsite work of 1.5 hours for decontamination of equipment, disposal of trash, and disposal of one time use equipment.

I really enjoy cleaning this stuff up and making the property clean and fresh  again.  In KADE of Sewage Floods, Call Now!

Treatment of plant based antimicrobial

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At job completion

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