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18 Nov Scary Awesome Floods

Scary Awesome Floods

Property Managers Beware!  
You are being overcharged for services.  Have a troubled HOA?  Need a better deal?  Put KADE on the account and save big time! KADE is giving 20% OFF Floods for 2 months for all new HOAs!

Fearsome Flood Damages Vacation Home In Orange County

When the owners of a gorgeous vacation home in Ritz Cove were informed by their caretaker that the home was flooded, it wasn’t a trick or a treat!  Thankfully their insurance company and caretaker both recommended the best in the business when it comes to floods:  KADE Restoration, and we were on the scene in less than 45 minutes.  Problem solved!

The property was victim to a failed supply line to a second floor bathroom fixture.  The supply line busted and …continue reading

Giving Back With Second Harvest Food Bank

The KADE crew had a great opportunity to help alongside amazing people this month to make a difference.  Working at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Irvine, CA we dropped off and packaged loads of food for the hungry in local communities.  Did you know
330,000 people suffer from hunger in the OC!?  Mainly our elderly who need our help.  See what you can do by visiting feedoc.org/.   We promise that if you help, you will make a difference.

Supporting Good Governement Change

I am a bad golfer.  But I love being out there, especially when we are playing a scramble and my team rocks!  We had a great time supporting good change for government to help keep your insurance rates low and avoid lawsuits that cost you and I more money to be safely insured.