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Photo by Chris Camargo


On a Sunday morning in 1941, the radar officer saw a large blip and warned the Lieutenant in command. The Lieutenant replied, “Don’t worry about it.”  I am now going to be your radar operator so please listen before you say don’t worry about it!

El Nino happens every few years when the water along the equator is warmer than average.  This warmer water creates weather patterns that increase rain and snowfall for us in California.  Sometimes the effects of an El Nino are hardly noticeable, other times, like the El Nino Experienced in the fall and winter of 97/98, massive storms raged over Southern California causing millions of dollars of property damage.  During this El Nino, the water temperature was 4 degrees warmer than usual.  Currently the water along the equator is 5 degrees warmer than it should be.  Better grab those rain boots!

There is currently a 95% chance that we will have heavy El Nino storms for fall 2015 and winter 2016.  This will cause flooding, mudslides, roof leaks, road closures, and major structural damage in California similar to that experienced in 97/98.  So now that we know it is coming, how can you prepare for it?

First look at getting flood insurance for this coming fall and winter storm season.  Review your policy, I bet you do not have flood coverage for water coming from the outside.  Call your agent and get yourself covered as soon as possible.  Now that the paperwork is done, lets get to work on the property itself.

Inspect and repair your roof.  Make sure no debris is obstructing any valleys or scuppers and clean out the gutters for proper drainage.  Have all known roof leaks repaired now before the roofers become too busy to even provide you a tarp.  For roofing needs you can call Ozone Roofing to inspect and make any repairs needed at 949-366-6597.  Now that we have the roof covered, lets go over the landscaping.

If you have landscape drains, make sure they are working by flushing them out.  If they are clogged have 4 Star plumbing unclog and or replace them, (949) 492-7191.  Review the drainage on your property, is there anything blocking the exit of a lot of water?  Did you put a planter box in the way of the water’s exit path?  Is the location of the trash cans going to create a dam and flood your family room?  Now that you have reviewed and protected the outside, let’s go inside.

Make sure all doors and windows are all sealing and closing correctly.  Any old weather stripping, replace with new.  Move any valuable items away from possible problem areas.  In the event of a major mudslide, the entire downstairs could be a mud pile.  Better to move all memorable valuables upstairs now before the flood happens.

After you have made sure you are insured and have taken action to protect your property you may still be flooded.  If you are flooded, have KADE Restoration come out as quickly as possible.  Put this number in your phone for future use in case you have to wrestle with an El Nino flood:  949-366-3330.  KADE Restoration will stop further damage from happening to your property, save you money, and save your home.

Now that I have reported to you that we have a big blip on your radar, don’t make the same mistake of the Lieutenant during the Pearl Harbor bombing in 1941.  Protect your property from oncoming storms.