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mold safety tips

23 Feb Mold Safety

Photo by: Andrew Rochfort

Mold Safety

When dealing with mold it is important to know the proper safety procedures, and especially what not to do.  If you find yourself in an area with mold, here are some guidelines to abide by:


  • Ignore the problem.  It will only get worse if you do!
  • Stay or sleep in a room with excessive mold.  Depending on the type of mold, the spores may be harmful to your health.
  • Begin mold removal without the proper protective gear and cleaning equipment.
  • Remove mold if you suspect the affected areas contain lead or asbestos. Leave that to the professionals
  • Spread the mold through vacuuming or improper removal techniques



  • Find out how big of an area the mold covers.  It can be larger than you think.
  • Have the mold tested if you suspect it to be black mold or harmful in any way.
  • Wear the proper safety gear and use proper cleaning equipment.  More information here.
  • Keep away all pets and children until the mold has been removed.
  • Call KADE Restoration for any mold removal questions or issues!