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15 Dec Flood Almost Ruins Christmas

Flood Almost Ruins Christmas

When an Aliso Viejo based family came home from breakfast on Sunday morning, they found their entire home flooded.  While they were away the fire sprinkler line in the attic cracked and sprayed water all through the attic insulation.  When the insulation became totally saturated, the drywall below started flooding and then the water eventually rained down on the second floor, down the walls, and eventually all the way to the first floor.  In short the, the place was completely flooded.  Christmas was now going to be a disaster!

The first thing they did was call KADE Restoration.  Even though it was a Sunday morning, the team was on site in less than an hour ready and eager to help.  With warm smiles and confident promises the KADE Restoration crew quickly got to work.  We moved all of the contents out of the water damaged areas, repaired the broken fire sprinkler line, got the water back on, and started the surgical process of drying out a major flood with very little demolition.  We set up special wall and floor drying units that speed up the drying process and eliminate the need of massive demolition.

The family was amazed, thankful, and so happy with how smooth the drying process went.  By Wednesday the entire property was dry and minor repairs being made.  What they thought was a Christmas disaster turned into a Christmas miracle.

Happy Holidays!