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11 Sep Fire Damaged Home Saved by KADE in San Clemente

Fire Damaged Home Saved by KADE in San Clemente

Late on a warm August night “Mrs. Dorian” received a call from her neighbor.  The neighbor shared with her the news that the firemen were just leaving her house.   She was informed that there was an electrical fire caused by the track lighting in the living room.  Thankfully the fire sprinkler closest to the light came on and put the fire out as it spread from the burning light to the drapes.  The house was saved!  Unfortunately the entire downstairs of the home was now under 3” of water, soot, accompanied with a strong smoke smell through the entire downstairs.  Frantic and holding back tears Mrs. Dorian asked “Well, what do we do?  It is 11:30 at night!?”  The neighbor responded “Call KADE.”

Mrs. Dorian then called KADE Restoration and the dispatcher took down her information and transferred her to the on call Project Manager for the night, Scott Johansson. Scott calmed Mrs. Dorian down and told her not to worry about it, he knew exactly what to do and would have all of the water removed before sunrise. After Scott hung up the phone, he contacted his team. Part of the team headed straight to the Dorian residence to begin the emergency water extraction from the home. Another part of the team headed to the warehouse to gather specific supplies for fire damage clean up jobs.

Kirk Schilling was one of the first to arrive and inspected the site for safety with his electrician and made sure the area was safe to start work in. After shutting off specific breakers and setting up emergency lighting, Kirk then started taking photos of the damage and the contents. The rest of the team quickly followed and removed all standing water, put furniture up on top of foam blocks to keep the stain and wood from being ruined. By morning the fire damaged area was under containment, all personal Dorian contents were moved to dry areas, and the damage was under control. Because of the year the home was originally built, 1964, the property had to be tested for lead and asbestos prior to the removal of the damaged drywall and other building materials. The test results came back hot or positive meaning that the home contained traces of asbestos in some of the building materials. Another problem the KADE team noticed is that the fire sprinkler water had been in the lines since 1989 and had traveled through soot and debris. Due to this contamination, the KADE team took extra precaution to protect the property from contamination using hospital grade HEPA air filtration devices and local containments.

Over the next 5 days, the entire downstairs wood floor, the wet asbestos drywall, cabinets, baseboard, and conents were gingerly removed with care. Using the custom built KADE software program, all pre-job, during job, and after job photos were documented to allow for proper insurance claim work along with helping in putting the home back exactly as it was before the fire. All surgical demolition, drying, and chemical spunging of the home was completed with expert technicians from the KADE team and the home was quickly ready for repairs.

The Dorian family was in tears the first night and few times here and there as the project went along. Every time Mrs. Dorian got a little teary eyed she became accustomed to calling Scott, her KADE project manager who would always assure her “We got this. Don’t worry Mrs. Dorian, I am very good at my job. We are right on schedule and things are going smoothly. Fire’s are nasty, but when we are done, this home is going to look amazing!”

Now that the repairs are completed, the Dorian family is amazed that there was once three inches of water and fire damage all over the downstairs. The new floor, paint, trim, and refurbished cabinets look better than before and the kitchen is once again ready for Mrs. Dorian’s gourmet cooking. There is not a trace of the nasty fire and the place shines like a new home. In KADE of Fire Damage, Call Now!

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