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07 Nov Do My Wood Floors Have Water Damage?

Photo by: TeamNovak

Do My Wood Floors Have Water Damage?

Your dishwasher leaked, and the water definitely reached your hardwood floors. You quickly dry the standing water, and inspect the boards. Are they damaged?

Unfortunately, sometimes this can be hard to tell at first glance. When a flood occurs with large amounts of water and time for it to soak in, it is easy to tell the areas that have been affected. When it is a small washing machine, dishwasher, or sink leak, it can be harder to tell.

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Cupping: This is when the sides of the wooden panels are raised higher than the center, and the center is concave in shape.  Cupping occurs when the wooden panels absorb too much moisture and expand, shoving the boards against each other causing disfiguration.
  • Crowning: Crowning is the opposite of cupping, when the center of the panel is raised above the sides in a convex shape. Crowning can also be caused by excessive moisture, as well as become a problem when floors that were not completely dry have been refinished.  After the floor dries out, the refinished panels expand at the top, causing the curved shape.
  • Buckling: This is a more severe problem that occurs when individual panels pull up from the floor below, causing irregularities in the wood top floor. Buckling usually only occurs in severe cases.


In most cases these problems can be solved by properly drying out the floors, and completely redoing the floors will not be necessary. It is best to call a professional anytime water has spent a prolonged amount of time in contact with wood floors, to make sure the problem is solved before the damage becomes irreversible. Call KADE Restoration to restore your wood floors to their former glory!