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20 Oct Dana Point House Flood

Dana Point House Flood

When the owners of a gorgeous vacation home in Ritz Cove were informed by their caretaker that the home was flooded, it wasn’t a trick or a treat!  Thankfully their insurance company and caretaker both recommended the best in the business when it comes to floods:  KADE Restoration, and we were on the scene in less than 45 minutes.  Problem solved!

The property was victim to a failed supply line to a second floor bathroom fixture.  The supply line busted and started spraying water all over the second floor of the property.  This caused the ceilings on the first floor to fill up with water and collapse.  When KADE Restoration arrived on site, the 5,000 square foot home looked like a scene from one of those natural disaster movies.  The first floor was raining water, drywall, and insulation from the ceiling being flooded.  Lucky for the homeowner, this is KADE Restoration’s specialty!  We had a crew of 14 on site within 60 minutes and were able to save all of their personal items, the couches, paintings, and other decor with quick and efficient care.

Once the contents were moved to a safe location, we removed the flooded and water damaged materials from the walls and ceilings.  Our finish carpenter crew surgically removed all water damaged cabinets while supporting the granite countertops.  I am always impressed with them and their ability to do this without breaking the granite countertops and supporting in them in place.  After 20 used up work gloves, 320 trash bags, 13 dump truck loads, and lots of sweat, the property is safe, clean, and ready for the amazing repairs!

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