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14 Sep Brea Warehouse Flooded

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Warehouse Flood in Brea CA

Dave is a great manager loved by his company who has a regular hectic schedule making sure the facility of this amazing company that builds sensitive computer parts is running smooth and efficient.  When he arrived at his usual start time of 5:30am on Monday morning the thought didn’t cross his mind as to why the parking lot was wet until he opened the door to the building.  He was greeted by wet carpet in 50% of the 5,000 square foot office space and 60% of the 20,000 square foot warehouse and manufacturing facility flooded with up to 2” of water.  

The reverse osmosis water system in the break area failed over the weekend and in turn continued to flood most of the structure.  There was water damage in the walls, carpets, electrical room, sensitive equipment, boxes, paperwork, and so on.  It was a manager’s nightmare.  First thing Dave did was go online and he started calling every flood company listed on the first page of google.  Out of the 5 companies Dave called, KADE Restoration was one of them.  Kirk took the call this morning and was on site before 6:30am being the first company to show up.  Kirk walked the job with Dave, explained that KADE Restoration would be able to dry most of the water up without removing any of the building materials without and might not have to relocate workers or shut down the building.  Dave made a decision right there and hired KADE Restoration to take care of the company’s flood.  As the other restoration companies came to walk the job, they told Dave they would have to demolish and remove most of the water damaged areas and shut down most of the work areas.  Their approach, lack of knowledge, and response time confirmed to Dave that he hired the right company.

The KADE team worked hard through that entire day and rest of the week drying out the building.  They moved contents off of the wet floor, put furniture and equipment up on foam blocks to protect from further damage, extracted the 15,000 sf of flooded water, and set up local drying containments.  Once the drying chambers and contents were taken care of, the KADE technicians set up additional power to run all of the equipment to dry out the property.  Working with Dave, only 1 office was out of commision during the entire drying process.  After drying the building down for 6 days, all materials were reading dry on all meters and the equipment was able to be removed.  The company was able to stay in business, minimize the interruption of a catastrophe, and have a lower final invoice for the work completed.

Dave looked like a hero to the owner for making the right decision to go with KADE Restoration. In Kade of Warehouse Floods, Call Now!