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18 Nov Brea Home Flooded By Fire Sprinkler

Brea Home Flooded By Fire Sprinkler

I received the emergency call at 9:00 pm Thursday night from the dispatcher letting me know there were three town homes flooded from a fire sprinkler.  The fire sprinkler failed on the second floor in the master bathroom and flooded the entire middle unit and the two neighboring units.  I kissed the wife, grabbed my keys, and headed out the door.  I made a few calls on my way to the office to grab the required equipment.  By the time I was at the office, Jose and his team were already in route to the flooded homes.  By the time, I had the equipment loaded, Scott, Jared, Mike, Mary, and Jesus were also in route

When the team arrived, the property owners were so happy at the quickness that we were on site late in the evening.  Then the crew from KADE Restoration went to work.  We had a great time working side by side saving the property from water damage into the early morning hours of the next day.  I have been handling floods for over 7 years as the owner of KADE Restoration and I am still impressed every time I am on a job with the team.  They are all positive, hardworking, and very knowledgable.  The three flooded units in Brea, CA were able to be dried out with minimal demolition and the repairs started immediately after the equipment was pulled.

The team was able to dry out a massive flood in three units with record time due to the immediate and powerful response from the KADE family.  I also want to give a huge shout out to Cindy from StanPac.  She was on site with us as a very concerned customer service rep.  It was a joy to work alongside such an amazing and wonderful person!

If you have a flooded property in Brea, Ca, be sure to call KADE Restoration.  You will be impressed by our wonderful team.