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San Clemente CA Water Damage Restoration

Water damage in San Clemente should never be underestimated. Even when faced with the smallest of leaks, it can develop into serious secondary damages. You could be facing consequences for years after. Water tends to infiltrate furniture, walls, and floors, and from there it can cause serious secondary damage. The impacts of this secondary water damage only grow with time. Delaying your water damage restoration process will only result in higher costs of repairs and greater damages.

Kade Restoration is an experienced water restoration company for water removal, water damage cleanup, and water damage repairs.

At the first sign of water damage, give a call to the experts at KADE Restoration. We offer 24/7 emergency water restoration services and will respond immediately to your water damage.

San Clemente Water Damage Restoration

Common Causes of Water Damage

The list of possible causes of water damage in San Clemente CA is exhaustive. Luckily when you work with true professionals, like Kade Restoration, you can rest assured that they will know how to deal with all of them. Still, by understanding where water damage might originate from, you can take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for a possible disaster. The most common causes of water damage that we deal with in San Clemente CA include:

Broken Pipe

Inclement Weather

Sewage Backup

Corroded Appliances

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Water Extraction

The most impactful aspect of the water damage restoration process, in terms of minimizing damage, is the water extraction phase. When water comes into contact with your property, it will immediately begin causing damage and the only way to stop that damage from worsening is with water removal services.

KADE Restoration is an experienced water extraction company, with the best team and the most advanced equipment in the field. We can handle water removal, no matter the volume of water in question. From flooded garages to extensive water damage on commercial properties. Call now and we will be on-site in 60 minutes or less.


KADE Restoration is your #1 locally trusted water damage removal company in San Clemente CA.

Water Extraction San Clemente CA

Water Damage San Clemente CA Restoration Process

Give KADE Restoration a call at the first sign of water damage on your property. We will immediately dispatch a licensed water damage technician to your property to inspect the damages and prepare a restoration plan complete with accurate cost and timeline estimates.
Our first priority is to remove the water to prevent further damage from occurring. To do this we will utilize our industrial water removal equipment and no matter the amount of water on your property, we will work non-stop until the job is done.
In most water related disasters, there will be some irreversibly damaged materials that will need to be removed and replaced. Our goal is always to salvage when possible, but with certain materials and in certain disasters, this is simply not an option. Our team will strategically remove those materials and prepare the area for repair.
Utilizing industrial air blowers and dehumidifiers, our team will work to restore the dryness levels in your property to normal levels. During this process we will use a professional grade moisture meter to evaluate progress and determine when the job is done.
As a licensed general contractor, KADE Restoration is able to complete all repairs that your property may require. With extensive experience in the restoration and construction industries, no matter the size or scope of the water damage repairs, we can help.

Water Damage Repairs

The final phase of the water damage restoration process is to complete any water damage repairs needed to fully restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Because water damage San Clemente CA can take so many forms, it is important that you hire a water repair company that can handle your specific type of water damage repairs.

At KADE Restoration we employ a team of the most highly trained restoration professionals in the area, and as a licensed general contractor, we are capable of completing all types of water damage repairs. From small pipe repairs to full-scale remodeling projects, you can count on KADE to restore your property to its pre-loss shape.

Water Damage Repairs San Clemente CA

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Fortunately, when dealing with water-related damages, your homeowner’s insurance plan is likely to cover any damages. There is one big major exception to this which is flood damage from a natural disaster. The big majority of insurance providers will require you to purchase a separate coverage plan to protect against flood damage, especially when it comes to weather-related flooding.

With all of that said, it is always the best idea that if you have any questions about insurance, you call your insurance provider and ask them to walk you through your coverage for water damage.

Water Damage San Clemente Insurance Coverage

Why Choose KADE Restoration

Professional Equipment

KADE Restoration has the best technicians that always come equipped with industry-leading professional water removal equipment.

Emergency Response

It does not matter when does the disaster strike. KADE Restoration offers 24/7 emergency response services 365 days a year.

IICRC Certified Technicians

It is hard to judge which company is a true professional and which isn’t. That is why KADE insists that our entire team is IICRC licensed and certified.