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Insurance Approved Restoration

We Work With Your Insurance Provider

We are the best company to handle your property damage disaster with your insurance company. Unlike other companies, we are approved to and work directly with your insurance company for claims handling and reporting.


We have a strong reputation of being honest, fair, and making sure your claim is handled correctly and efficiently. We have over 70 years of experience in property damage claims. Because of our reputation and our proprietary computer software program, your claim is handled better here than anywhere else. We are able to document in real time and share this data with the carrier along with provide drying data, graphs, and detailed scopes of loss. Nobody can do this for you but us.

insurance approved restoration

Improved Chances Of Claim Approval

When you choose KADE, you have a better chance of your claim being approved and having all the work completed correctly with no cut corners. As an added benefit, we are a private firm approved by your insurance company. Sometimes your insurance company will try and strong arm you or use fear tactics in order to push you to go with their “preferred” vendor. This is illegal for the insurance companies, but some still try it. If the insurance company tries to steer you towards a certain company, run the other way! The insurance company is trying to save themselves money and cut corners on your insurance claim. At KADE, even though we are approved to work with your insurance company, we work for you. We do not provide discounts or cut corners on your property. You have been paying 100% of your premium, now you deserve 100% of the work completed correctly. Call us today to see how we can help you with your property damage claim.

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How The Claims Process Works

The first thing to do here is calling us right away. We will start to make the site safe and stop any secondary damage from occurring. This is a very important step. If you do not take care of your property first and start the cleaning process, your claim may be denied. The insurance company views this as negligence. Again, it is very important to call us right now. This will help your claim go through. We have found that customers who wait to have the flood, fire, or mold cleaned up immediately by KADE have a 34% higher chance of their claim not being approved.

Using our proprietary software program, we document and save all data required for the property damage claim.

Here we help you understand your coverage and schedule an insurance adjuster from the carrier to walk the job with us. Sometimes, due to our reputation in the industry, an adjuster will not visit the site, but simply use our computer program’s data to cover your loss.

 These are excellent people who are there to help analyze the claim and determine the cause and scope of the loss for your insurance policy. After they have walked your property and inspected it closely they will help in the next step in the claims process.

We help customers to create a photo diary of all damage, receipts, and other important documentation stemming from the damage. This helps you receive the full benefit of your insurance policy.