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Orange County Certified Mold Remediation Company

Free Mold Inspections

Free Mold Inspections

We provide free mold inspections for property owners in Orange County. Wish you could see through walls!? Our thermal camera inspection is the next best thing and can help you identify, locate, and find the microbial affecting your property. This no obligation inspection is a service we provide to help our neighbors to help protect you from the harmful side affects of mold and water damage. This free inspection is only for owners and properties not in escrow. If you are a tenant or have a property in escrow, the inspection costs $ 250 and is accompanied with a complete inspection report, humidity, moisture, and psychometric reading graphs required for further action involving landlords and closing escrow. Call today to schedule your appointment.
We Are Approved to Work With Your Insurance Company

We Are Approved to Work With Your Insurance Company

Chances are we are working with your insurance company on multiple claims right now for other customers. We have our own proprietary software that documents and tracks the damage to your property for your insurance claim. The Mold Mitigation Reporting Software coupled with our reputation in the insurance industry make us the best company to work with you and help you with your claim.

Safe and Affective Mold Removal

Safe and Affective Mold Removal

While we are on site removing the over abundance of microbial growth caused by toxic or black mold, the property is actually safer than before we arrived. We contain all contaminated areas with negative airpressure. Outside of the mold containment and inside, we use hospital grade air filtration to clean the air. With our HEPA filtration and expert containments, the property air quality is actually cleaner than before we arrived! Rest assured, your home or office will be safe and clean under our professional care.

Mold Removal

If you need a home mold removal, Kade Restoration is the mold removal company you can trust to handle all your mold and mildew problems at your home or business. With commercial mold removal services conveniently located in your neighborhood, including black mold removal, and toxic mold removal, you can count on your mold problem being taken care safely and affectively when you call Kade Restoration.

Mold Remediation

Mold lives naturally in homes and offices and can be found growing anywhere there are damp surfaces present. But left uncontrolled, molds can quickly multiply and grow to dangerous levels that can adversely affect the respiratory system. If you have had a water, sewage, or plumbing leak and are concerned that dangerous levels of mold may be present where you live or work, it’s time to bring a Kade Restoration in for mold remediation.

Mold Inspection

Most people discover mold when they see or smell it, but mold can also grow undetected between walls or underneath floorboards. If you suspect that you may have a mold problem, it is critical that you have a certified mold remediation company perform an inspection as soon as possible. The longer mold festers, the more difficult it is to get rid of. This is when mold can become dangerous, particularly for infants, elderly people, women who are pregnant or nursing, as well as those with asthma or low immune systems. The symptoms of mold can include sneezing, chronic cough, runny nose, nasal congestion and sinus headaches.

Southern California Mold Removal

We really love what we do, and that is getting rid of mold in homes and offices all over Southern California. With over 60 years experience in the industry, and handling everything from moldy kitchen cabinets to complete structural cleaning and treating of buildings and mechanical systems. Our mold mitigation is a very clean process with temporary containment set in place to protect non affected areas. With surgical precision, we can remove and mitigate your mold problem. While on site, we clean the air with HEPA filtration and provide heat drying and treating of contaminated areas. If you have signs of mold behind your water heater, behind the toilet, on the ceiling, under your cabinets or mold on drywall, call now and we can provide you with a free estimate for all building owners.


  • DO NOT enter any rooms with standing water.
  • DO NOT touch or handle any hazardous surfaces or items.
  • DO NOT stay in any rooms with microbial agents or visible mold.
  • Close the door to these areas and the rest of the structure.
  • DO NOT vacuum anything.  Vacuuming can cause the mold to spread.
  • Open windows to affected areas if easily accessible.
  • If affected area is extensive, please consider moving out temporarily.


We have dried out over 3 million square feet of residential and commercial buildings for our customers. We have over 60 years of mold removal experience.

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“Our condo in San Clemente had been a rental. It was in such poor condition id had to be pulled out to the studs. There was black mold, rats in the walls, cockroaches and termites!!! KADE was great! They were positive, friendly, and decontaminated the entire place. All the mold and rats were totally removed. We had a mold test completed to make sure the air quality was good again. The air quality inside the condo after KADE was done was better than the air quality outside!”

-Stephanie R.

“Little did I know that underneath my kitchen sink, it was slowly leaking and causing mold to grow. Only when it flooded and ran unto my floor, did I realize what a big problem I had. KADE Restoration came quickly to my rescue and not only fixed my leak, but also removed the mold that was growing under the sink. They were expedient and professional and explained everything to me in terms I could understand. I appreciate the work they did. They had my best interest in mind and helped me get rid of a problem that I hadn’t planned on”

-Freda W.

“I cannot thank these guys enough!
Starting the day I contacted them, I was given Kade’s name from my plumber who very highly recommended them and uses them. I called because I had a leak from the shower pan into the walls and floor of my bathroom and bedroom resulting in severe mold. Richard Sanchez came out within 1 hour and has been amazing since the day he walked in. He was my FOURTH estimate and I was nearly in tears as the damage was considerable and there were signs of mold growth, it was making my older son and myself sick, and my insurance company did not want to cover much if any of the repairs. By the time poor Richard came I was not pleasant. But that quickly changed. He had already contacted my adjuster before even showing up and had an idea what I was up against. He paid attention to concerns that I had shown the other companies but he, unlike the others, did not blow me off. On the contrary, he assured me that he could help me and that I did not have to worry. I swear I have not worried since. After that visit, he left and contacted my insurance company and, the next thing I knew, they were covering my repairs. The other guys literally did not even try, they just shrugged and told me it would be out of pocket, nothing they could do.
I told my insurance co that I was going with Kade and they showed up THE NEXT DAY. The bathroom and part of the bedroom were tented, compete with dry room, and they came DAILY, even on weekends, to change filters and make sure it was safe for me and my family. Plus, they helped me trap my semi anti-social cat so I could put in her in the garage while they treated the mold! We passed inspection first try with flying colors.
Next his associate, Eduardo, came to the house. His work was impeccable. He did flooring, dry wall and new doors. His work was seamless. You can not tell there was ever a repair. Plus he was NICE.
Richard then, from a family trip out of the country, got a hot mop and a tile guy (Gary Hilmes, Beach City, Tile, there is another review for him as well) and they were both within the price point I needed, but also very good. Once it came time for the shower door, it became clear that the insurance company did not give us enough money so he got more authorized THAT DAY.
I love my shower so much more, it is beautiful and not making anyone sick! Richard and Edwardo were efficient, kind, smart and made sure that I would have a beautiful shower with minimal out of pocket cost. I can not give high enough praise.”

-Kelli F.

“I’m so thankful to have had Kade Restoration work on our home. Scott Johansson oversaw the whole operation, which was a big one after the flooding in our home. This included emergency services and mold removal/containment, insulation, drywall repair, flooring, painting and more. Each crew that came in worked diligently and thoroughly, always concerned about doing a great job in a timely manner. All crews were extremely respectful and helpful. Scott didn’t dilly-dally…all work flowed smoothly and efficiently. He also handled the insurance communication and we couldn’t be happier. I whole-heartedly recommend Kade Restoration!”

-Mona A.